Susan Wood – Executive Director (Co-Founder)

Susan is the Executive Director and founder of the Hope Center for Autism. She has spent over 25 years in early childhood development which eventually led her to her passion of helping families who have children on the autism spectrum. Susan implements and oversees all client programs and staff training.

Susan’s belief is that children on the autism spectrum can recover. She has an open approach to total treatment and reaching for recovery. She believes that ABA should be the first line of defense, noting that until the behavior is addressed and modified, it is hard to move forward with other types of therapy. In addition, she believes that all children can learn; they just learn differently.

Susan has many mentors in the autism field, the most influential of those being Dr. Temple Grandin. Susan has had several opportunities to meet Dr. Grandin, and time and time again she expressed the necessity for those with ASD to be independent and to take care of themselves. She stresses that we must teach children to work hard, do good work and to create interest in marketable skills for their futures. Susan uses that advice each day at the Hope Center, and she asks parents and families to do the same thing, carrying over ABA into the home.

Consistency at home and at the center is a must for these children, and by hosting parent workshops, parent support groups and open forums, Susan is able to encourage families to get involved in recovery.

Glenn Wood – Chief Financial Officer (Co-Founder)

The Co-Founder of the Hope Center for Autism, Glenn left the industry he worked in for over 30 years to help develop the Hope Center. Since the inception of the Hope Center in 2007, Glenn knew that his place would be to eventually transition to the Hope Center and fully encompass himself in the vision he and Susan have laid out for the center.

Glenn serves as a liaison between the board and the recipients. Glenn oversees finances including donor funds and all aspects of accounting.

Glenn shares his passion with his wife Susan in hopes that the Hope Center will make an impact on many lives and many children’s futures.

Troy Hall – Insurance Specialist and Operations Manager

With the ever-changing laws involving insurance, Troy has immersed himself in all areas of insurance billing. He has been instrumental in developing our billing program for all insurance companies. Troy is in constant contact with multiple insurance companies to ensure proper coding, coverage and acceptability. He maintains all insurance records for clients as well as employees.

Troy facilitates all avenues of insurance, as well as maintaining and overseeing the Hope Center’s front office operations. He participates regularly in seminars and training for the most up to date information.

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