Hope Center for Autism provides services to support the families affected by autism. We afford a wide range of services to meet the personal needs of each family. Services are specific and programmed on a case-by-case basis. Hope Center for Autism employs two full-time BCBA’s on staff. This ensures the implementation of programs meets the standards of our BCBA supervisors.

Our Services Include: 

Treatment Plan

Our BCBA develops programming and treatment plans. Normally within the first few weeks of therapy, your child’s specific program is developed. We spend this time developing a plan of action to make certain your child’s program is built to meet their specific strengths and needs including generalization issues....

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist helps your child – through play activities – improve his or her independent function. Our goal is to help your child function better physically, emotionally, academically and socially in his or her daily activities.

Speech and Language

Amy Vann is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in (ASD) children with language, articulation, and phonological disorders. She has been in private practice for over 18 years and has also served as an adjunct instructor of Phonetics at TCU for 15 years. Having Amy as part of our treatment team has proved to be invaluable. Although she is not an employee of the Hope Center for Autism, her insight and experience help to complete a well-rounded program. She is on-site Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

In-School Observation

We work alongside parents and schools to sync all services together to benefit the child. We desire to support and assist parents in knowing more about their child and their school. We also provide input, when needed, to support in any areas to help the child be successful.

One-on-One Behaivoral Therapy

This is when your child and clinician will implement the programming developed by our BCBA to meet your child’s specific needs. These sessions are under the supervision of the BCBA.

Transitional Therapy

This therapy focuses on the natural environment and transitioning learned skills into functional areas of life. This can be utilized in the community, play dates, playgrounds, preschools, and some child care programs.