Parent Resources

We strive to help individuals on the autism spectrum and their families to live more fully functional lives. We want to offer you as many resources and as much help as we can throughout this process.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 817-560-1139.

Parent Training

These meetings are led by the Executive Director and the client’s consultant. We meet with parents to solve issues when they request assistance in handling. We encourage an ABA lifestyle, and we focus on educating parents on behavioral principles, information on their child’s learning style, and implementing the skill in the home. This can be done with one parent, both parents, and even caretakers and grandparents.

Parent Workshops

Workshops are scheduled on an “as needed” basis. These workshops provide parents with knowledge and insight to what ABA is all about and how they can implement it into daily life. We currently provide two different workshops: one is called ABA 101, and the other is ABA Living. Each Hope Center family as well as staff members are required to attend each level workshop one time per year.


Within our application process, you may come across terms with which you are unfamiliar. We’ve compiled a glossary of terms to help you along the process to help your family,

Why do we use ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis is an objective, evidence-based approach that has undergone almost 40 years (as a formal discipline) of rigorous scrutiny, and has been consistently proven effective. In short, amidst all the fad treatments for ASD, ABA has reliably withstood the test of time…

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