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Christmas is a time to pray for peace on earth, good will toward men.
Everyday autism parent prays for peace within their homes for themselves, their family, most of all for their child living with autism and their own personal spot on earth. 
Christmas is that magical day we look forward to all year, for the love, for family time, for gift giving, the decorations and lots and lots food. I love the holidays, and I am excited for every minute. 
Honestly, I don’t think families with autism look forward to the holidays much. These days can all be very hard for people with autism. Often the day is filled with so much “different”. Days filled with family they may not see that often and maybe don’t know that well. This means how the family members behaves may make a person with autism uncomfortable because it’s not the regular day to day people they know. 
The house, even if it’s their house will have different decorations and different people in it. The mood of the day is not normal. Voices may be louder and seem unregulated to them. The food maybe not be the normal food they normally eat and the smells this day is certainly not the normal. Even love can be hard. People want hugs and kisses which is understandable, it’s family. But for a person with autism this may feel very awkward and not comfortable. Please ask before hugging and kissing any child 
I got many reports of great victories this Christmas, pretend play and pictures of kids with Santa, parents potty training on Christmas day, one who tried new food. It maybe a stressful day for families but they celebrate great things as well. Please feel free to share your celebrations and victories in the comments.
I am so honored to share in bringing change with these families, to support and watch them grow. Thank you 
I am blessed.
Autism looks different with therapy,
Autism the way I see it at Hope Center 4 Autism
Please excuse my typos and poor writing skills but I hope you hear my heart.

-Susan Wood, Executive Director


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