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Today was a dream come true. Today, we had a music event where our clients got to just be kids. All Afternoon long they were kids, just kids just like any other kid. Kids that had fun. Kids that everyone enjoyed being around, who chatted, who sang, a few danced.

Today we were all just like “normal”, Normal families, with normal kids, doing normal things, with other friends and families just like them. It was a beautiful day.

It is not a huge deal for most people’s kids to get to preform in the normal school Christmas event or PTA event. It is however NOT normal for most families with autism. I don’t know if any of the kids attending today have EVER preformed at a school event before. Seriously, I have clients who are not invited to be part of the holiday events at their school. They are left out. Somehow they forget to invite them. They forgot to let him practice.

But not today, everyone sang who wanted to sing. And then some sang again if they wanted. Today was an event that was created so that everyone was welcome, everyone was included, everyone had fun.

Thank you so much to each of you who found the time to be part of this amazing, one of a kind, best event ever. I know you were changed by what you witnessed today. 
Thank you for supporting the hair-brain ideas we create to expose our clients to experiences other children gets to take part in. 
How can they grow, and learn to take part in our world if we do not provide chances for them to experience our world. Thank you for being a Hero. Thank you for today.

I am blessed.
Autism looks different with therapy,
Autism the way I see it at Hope Center 4 Autism
Please excuse my typos and poor writing skills but I hope you hear my heart.

-Susan Wood, Executive Director


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