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Today was a normal day, as normal as the can be with 12 to 15 kids with autism in the building working to change their lives. It was busy and productive for me, donations of three used computers were brought in today as well as a hundred dollar donation all from a friend of a friend. We had a meeting about our upcoming event that features local artist and our clients singing and enjoying them selves at Magnolia Motor lounge Dec 16 (find more info on FB events and the flyer posted)
I had a second meeting by phone with a past volunteer asking how she can re-engage and help gather support for the cause. Within a hour of that call she had gotten an adult size bike we needed donated for one of our boys. What a hero! What a great person.

As I am getting finished up and preparing to leave for the weekend, I hear Nadia and Karina talking and I hear a little voice. I HAVE to walk over and see what’s up…….this little small fry, 3 years old was non verbal just 5 short weeks ago is now chattering up a storm, repeating everything Karina says. What a exciting blessing. emerging speech.
I am blessed.
Autism looks different with therapy,
Autism the way I see it at Hope Center 4 Autism
Please excuse my typos and poor writing skills but I hope you hear my heart. #its4thebabies #nadia #letstalk


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